"I live in Arizona so I wear sandals most of the year, and my feet are really dry and cracked, (they felt like sandpaper). I tried numerous pumice stones, lotions and foot creams but nothing worked until I started using The Nook's Foot butter. After a short time of applying the butter every night, my feet started feeling a lot smoother. I've decided to start using it on other parts of my body that have really dry skin."
Clara Corner
“Five out of five stars. To date I have only used the healing salve for a pesky rash that would not go away. The salve worked like a charm, leaving my skin super soft. I’m looking forward to trying the other products.”
Cherie Bennett

About Our Products

The Nook Apothecary was born from the idea that health and wellbeing are not only found in remedies but in relationships.

Having experienced ailments such as auto immune disorders, digestion issues, and skin irritations I learned that having a community to share struggles and successes was a big part of my recovery. I wanted to introduce herbal remedies that have worked wonders for me, my friends and family with an interest in one day creating a space for gathering as well.
We want to ensure the highest quality herbal products and only offer remedies we have personal experience using ourselves.
Of course, our team is ready to help answer any questions or concerns.

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